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Note: The RotoArt Contest, for the time being, has been discontinued

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2012-2013 RotoArt 
International High School
Student Art Contest
Winners are Shown Below

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Note: Any references on other pages on this website  
about entering a RotoArt Competition are now invalid.

The Winner of the New Zealand Division of RotoArt 2013
commenced her 21 day trip to the USA Tuesday 24 June 2014..

Miss Zheng (Crystal) Zie.

Chrystal was accepted as a student at the
University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
She commenced degree studies in August 2015


Crystal's First Day of the RotoArt Adventure Trip
Tuesday 24th June 2014

Here I am having  arrived in Honolulu

The first thing I did on arrival                              Then it was out
in Honolulu was attend a                             on to Waikiki Beach
Rotary luncheon meeting                                                                 


In the afternoon before jetlag set in I raced my Rotary Host
Karyl Choate to the top of Diamond Head

Before Leaving I had to go surfing
On my way in to Manhattan from JFK Airport
we swung by Coney Island..

On Top of "Top of the Rock" 

Yes I am in Times Square

WOW this is some pretzel

The Wall Street  Bull
I am meeting some great people
My arrival in Philadelphia was celebrated                                  Then I went on an Orientation
with my first Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.                           Tour of Pennsylvania University

Chad and Jennifer Rosenberg
Crystal's Hosts in Philadelphia

Chad is District Governor Elect for Rotary District 7450

The 4th of July Independence Day Parade in Philadelphia
I joined with students and members of my Host's Rotary Club
Here I am marching past Liberty Hall - the birthplace of the Nation
Holding the Rotary Club banner that Milo is carrying
Waiting to watch the fireworks with Milo my hosts' son,
Johanna a Rotary Exchange student from Sweden and
Marley who will be heading off in August on a one year Rotary Student Exchange to Chile.

Luna Scheffer came up to Philadelphia and took me
by car down to Washington DC via the Amish countryside

See !!  I really am in Washington DC


Crystal was home hosted by Rotary families in:

Honolulu, Hawaii; Manhattan, New York;
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
Washington DC. and Los Angeles, California.

Crystal travelled to and from the USA 
with the RotoArt Trust's preferred carrier
Hawaiian Airlines.

Click here to view the semi-finalists' artworks
which have been sold or are still for sale

The International Division Award Winners are: 

First Place

"The Fishing People"    by Ongun Bosnak

Istanbul, Turkey


Mr Ongun Bosnak received US$1000 and returned to Istanbul
after a 21 day visit to New Zealand,   28 February - 21 March  2014
as a guest of the RotoArt Trust


"I live in Istanbul.  My parents are teachers.  I spend almost all of my time in the very long way to school and back to my house.  But I am very happy about it because of taking the boat after a long and tiring bus trip.  It is a perfect feeling to be in the middle of the seas for half an hour before arriving to school every day.

My school is on a beautiful island in which cars are banned but only five fire trucks are allowed.

While picturing 'The Fishing People', I was inspired by the men who are waiting for their 'big fishes' for hours after running away from the chaotic Istanbul."

The Judging Panel said:

"The Fishing People" by a 14 year old boy, shows a complex understanding of colour and tone. It documents but also uses the medium expressively and explores its potential - has a strong emotive sense of place - is courageous."

The Istanbul-Tulza Rotary Club hosted Ongun Bosnak and his parents at the Club's New Year Celebration meeting on Sunday evening 22 December 2013 when the announcement was made that Ongun had won the RotoArt Contest for 2012/13.  Until that time the Bosnak family had no idea that Ongun was the winner.

In presenting the Award Certificates, US$1000 and details of travel to New Zealand on behalf of the RotoArt Trust in New Zealand...the Istanbul-Tulza Club also gave Ongun an Apple-iPad Computer as a special gift from the local Rotarians.

  Mr  Mufit Ulke                           Ongun Bosnak             Mr Selcuk Iz                     Mr  Murat Selik
District Governor Elect,          Contest Winner,     Tulza Rotary President      Past District Governor

    Second Place

 "Innocence"    by  Noha Salah

Alexandria, Egypt


Noha received US$500 on Tuesday 18th March which was presented on behalf of
the RotoArt Trust by the Rotary Club of Alexandria Marine.

Miss Noha Salah

This is a portrait of my little brother Amr, whom I love very much, and I was really happy drawing and painting him.  I drew it in a few hours as I didn't have much time last year because of my final exams.

I finished High School last year with a certification of 99.76% and I joined the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University. All my classmates had private teachers and lessons as no one went to school for the last two years, but I studied at home and when I didn't understand something I searched on the internet until it made sense for me.

Drawing is my best friend since I could hold a pencil, Dad and Mum knew that, so they always encouraged me, helped me, and provided me with the tools.  I didn't go to drawing clubs or any drawing center, I just taught myself whatever I wanted to learn by searching on the internet, and reading different topics and tutorials.

My first contest was in early elementary school (maybe first or second year) and I took the second position. After that I participated in a few competitions in preparatory school, in which I took first place, and I drew a lot for my school.

In secondary school I started participating in international competitions via internet: One of them was for all the Arabic World (organized by the Arabic Aerobic Federation), and I took the first position (2012-2013).

There are many other competitions (including Manga - Japanese Comics - Drawing Competition), in which I came in different places but not the first.  I usually spend a lot of time learning about drawing humans, faces and positions, or using different types of colors.

The Judging Panel said:

"Innocence".  The medium is well handled.  Juxtaposes a static pose with an energetic treatment of clothing.  Good treatment of form on the face.  A limited and well integrated palette.  Luminous treatment of skin on the face."

 Third Place

 "Looking to the Horizon"   by Megan Young

Yuma, Arizona, USA


Received US$250 which was presented by the Rotary Club of Yuma,
on behalf of the RotoArt Charitable Trust.

Miss Megan Young 

I am sixteen years old and have been homeschooled my whole life.  I spend most of my time either drawing, reading, or playing the piano.   My parents are biologists, and thanks to them I have had a variety of interesting experiences over the years--  I've lived in the Sonoran desert, held wild bear cubs, and am not afraid of catching snakes and scorpions.

I have always loved to draw, and I'm primarily self-taught.   I like to explore new subjects and mediums, and I'm always trying to improve my skills.   I adore animated children's movies and hope to work in the field of animation when I'm older.   My painting, Looking to the Horizon, was inspired by a picture of my younger sister at a beach in San Diego, California. 

     The Judging Panel said:

"Looking to the Horizon".   Strong, accurate use of colour.  Varied application of paint.  Balances the delicate with the confident.  A cohesive work that captures a sense of environment"

   Fourth Place

"The 9th Angel"  by  Payel Saha

 Chittaranjan, West Bengal, India


Miss Payel Saha

Payel received US$250 presented by the Rotary Club of Chittaranjan
on behalf of the RotoArt Charitable Trust

I live in Chittaranjan and in 2014 I am going to appear for higher secondary exam.  My dad is a railway employee and my mom is a house wife.  My hobby is to collect caterpillars and to observe them  till they turn into butterflies through metamorphosis.   But   painting  is  my  best company. 

When I was only three years old I started drawing.   My mom and dad inspired me a lot and provided all of my necessary things.  In leisure time I search the internet to get ideas about various kinds of paintings.

I like to observe the paintings of famous artists. In last year got the  2nd place in the International Space  Foundation Student Art Contest 2013, in Colorado, USA ,which is one of the great achievements of my life.

The Judging Panel said:

"The Ninth Angel. A proficient treatment of the media.  Well integrated use of colour.  Uses focus to direct the eye to areas of detail.

The New Zealand placings were announced at the Awards Ceremony which was held at the Hamilton SkyCity Casino Conference Centre,  Saturday 8th March 2014. 

The winner of the New Zealand Division received NZ$1,000 plus a 21 day return trip to the USA as a guest of the Rotary Clubs of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, New Jersey, and Washington DC

The New Zealand winner was announced at the
Awards Event Saturday 8th March 2014

Our winning student artist Crystal Xie, a senior student at The New Zealand International College in Auckland, will fly to the USA in June 2014 with RotoArt Trust's preferred carrier Hawaiian Airlines
Crystal leaves 24 June 2014 - with a 3 day stop-over in Hawai then on to New York where she will be hosted by a Rotary family for ten days.  Visits to Philadelphia and Washington DC are planned before several days visiting sights in the Los Angeles area.


   "Land of the Long White Cloud" 
   by Zheng Xie



Zheng (Crystal) Xie

New Zealand International College - Auckland

 $1000 1st prize and a 21 day return trip to the East Coast USA

This painting was inspired by New Zealand's Maori name "Aotearoa." The woman expresses my representation of New Zealand, standing in the ocean like a giant. The contrast in colour is meant to bring vividity to the piece. It's my first try at oil painting, but I decided to give it a go for this contest! Thank you!!!

What the Judges said:

  • An arresting image
  • Strong use of form
  • Subtle integration of colour within a restrained palette
  • Composes calmness and movement


      "Lonely Dinner "  
     by Gavin Chai

a self portrait in oils on canvas



Gavin Chai
Pukuranga College - Auckland

$500 2nd Prize

What the Judges said:

  • Warrants time to unravel the subtle symbolism
  • Strong use of media
  • Cohesive treatment
  • An interesting consideration of New Zealand culture that we might not normally encounter in contemporary art



"Pig's Leg with Bell"  
        by Gavin Chai


$250 - 3rd Prize


What the Judges said:

  • Courageous, light, confident, delicate treatment of a subject we would not expect to see.
  • Skillful use of restraint to suggest more.


     "Pineal Vision"  
    by Nardos Tilahun



Nardos Tilahun

Auckland Girls' Grammar School

$250 4th Prize

What the Judges said:

  • Contemporary
  • Intelligent
  • High lvel of personality speaking with an idividual's voice
  • Warrants close reading

In addition to their cash prizes, the three winning NZ artists will each receive a pack of 100 x 55ml pots of Resene Acrylic Paint in a wide variety of colours. 

The Judging Panel

Dr. Welby Ings,FRSA.

Dr. Welby Ings, FRSA. Jury Chairman, is an award winning designer, filmmaker and playwright, whose short films have won numerous international awards including official selections for Cannes and Berlin and short listings for the Academy awards. An elected Fellow of the British Royal Society of Arts and consultant to many international organisations on issues of creativity and learning, Welby is now a Professor in Design at AUT University. In 2001 he was awarded the Prime Minister's inaugural Supreme Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence. In 2013 he received the University medal for his contribution to research and the education of creative thinkers.

Ms. Ann Mcglashan MA

Ann Mcglashan MA currently lectures in the pre-service (teacher training) primary and secondary programmes for the learning area of Technology in the New Zealand curriculum. She has previously taught Graphics, Design and Technology in schools after a career in Architectural and Interior Design and has gained a Masters Degree in Art & Design.

James Wakelin MA

James Wakelin MA [Brighton, England] After attending AUT and completing a Bachelor of Graphic Design specialising in Illustration, James worked as a freelance illustrator in Auckland, later also teaching at AUT.  After moving to Europe in 1999 to undertake a Masters Degree in Illustration, he continued to work for clients both in New Zealand and England. Back in NZ since 2004 he continued to illustrate for a range of clients including book and magazine publishers, as well as design firms. James is now teaching at an Auckland secondary school, and acts as an examiner for AUT  on the MA and Honours Year courses, as well as undertaking occasional portrait commissions.



2012/13 "ROTOART"

The Artworks featured in the banner at top of the page
are selections from the 2007 contest entries.

The RotoArt International High School Student Art Contest
enjoys the support of many Rotarians in a number of the 33,000 Rotary Clubs
across the World, it is an initiative of the RotoArt Charitable Trust, Hamilton, New Zealand
but is not a project of Rotary International.

The contest in 2007 brought a wide range of outstanding entries from across 23 countries.  The contest permits visual art of any subject on a variety of mediums.

Some of the 2007 international entries are illustrated here.

             Cameroon                                   England                         USA

                     Bulgaria                                         Mongolia

After the 2012/13 contest closed the 3 judges had access to all of the uploaded images in a hidden section of our website.

In their own time at any computer location  the judges graded each entry on a scale of 1 to 10.

When each judge has completed grading, the entire entry field was averaged and the Chief Judge and the Curator selected original works to come forward for "live" judging by the panel.

In the 2012/13 contest the 43 entries selected for final judging were shown for a week leading up to the Awards Ceremony in Hamilton 8th March 2014.   The nett proceeds from all art sold will go to the student artists, RoptoArt retains a modest commission to cover costs and to help fun future contest..

Art that is not sold and not retrieved by the artists will be donated to hospitals and youth organisations.

New Zealand and Cook Islands entrants competed
to win an art related 21 day trip to the USA

Overseas students competed for a 21 day trip to New Zealand plus cash prizes

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